Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Ahhhh!!!! It's effing Christmas, bitches!!!!!

God, I so so so love this time of year so freaking much! Idk why. Like I become a hermit and barely wash or brush my hair... I'm kidding - I have OCD, I have to bathe. (Oooh that reminds me, I need soap. *types up text asking husband if he can get soap then remembers that she already had this convo and they agreed they would get it at the weekend*)

I am so freaking poorly. I have snot coming out of me like my face is Niagara fucking Falls... (Niagara... it sounds like Viagra... Hee hee... Pav, Ev and Maa if you are reading this... LOL!!!!!). I feel like absolute hell tbh. I'm all wrapped up in my snuggle-suit (onesie for those people that wish to call it that). I have a duvet and a hot water bottle on the sofa waiting - nay, beckoning me to come over and snuggle within it's soft, warm, loving embrace... Okay, getting a little creepy about the sofa. The heater is on and I have The Golden Compass on (I have it plused on the SKY box).

My Maa came to visit me a few months back and while she was here got me this as a I-came-to-visit-you present:

So I thought that this year I decided I would make some of my presents so I made my Maa her's first cuz she was going away and I miss her desperately so I thought it would be good for her to have something.  This is what I made (Don't laugh):

Can I just say, right? I was the kid in the textiles class that screamed everytime the sewing machine was turned on. I got my friends to my that bean bag thing and the I spent ages designing my cushion so I didn't have to make it. I hated any tech class - Food tech., Textiles and the one where we made a clock - I got my mate to help make an egg clock. I was shit at cooking, shit at drawing, shit at making anything, shit at using tools - basically, I was just shit at everything that didn't include a book and not actually having to do anything. Before I had a fear of everything I made a teacosy for my Maa when I was like 4... That was the last thing I made where I didn't think the sewing machine was going to suck me in and sew me up into some horrific giant human voodoo doll. I genuinely thought that would happen - that or I would stab the needle through my finger like that girl did a few years ago. Anyways, so yeah I was proper proud of myself and then I made these:

The top one is for my sister and the bottom one is for my brother. They kinda look like them! My sister is a little podgy and my nickname for her is "suto hathi" which translates as Little Elephant and my brother is... like me - weird and our limbs are too long for our body. Hahaha I just noticed one of the legs is longer than the other on all of them, the arms have the same dealio! Haha.

A few weeks back me and the mister went to watch the lights being switched on in the centre! It was fun - lots of people - but fun. My favourite bit was probably The Loveable Rogues followed by my husbands face when Chico was grinding Santa... Not nice. The fireworks were good though and I got flashing rabbit ears that made me so happy.

It's funny cuz too the right was like the art gallery and the museum and the town hall on the left was two strip clubs, a betting shop and I think a Costa Coffee...

OMG have you seen Harvey Nichols? Wtf is up with their window displays. My husband likes it, I have to admit that it does totally steal the limelight in that area. Here have a look:

It's like Lady boys of Bangkok meets high end fashion. Weird. But then again they always have some freaky shit going on!

I kinda like the Victoria Quarter's decor! What do you think? The mister has branded it as pretentious. Sometimes, I wonder whether I am pretentious. Idk I grew up in a very privileged environment and always got what I wanted. He is always teasing me about my stupid "posh" accent and the weird mannerisms I have. It's funny until the expensive taste comes out - no, I'm joking, I've never met anyone who loves spoiling their other half as much as he does me.

I kinda liked The Lights decorations - they are a little odd  to look at but they are super sparkly and pretty.

Gosh, I am feeling really bad, back to sleep for me I think. 

Bye- Bye!


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Fuck Yes!

I just wanted to say how grateful I am to everyone who has read my shitty little blog. 

United Kingdom
United States

That there, that silly table is all of you. Your views and where from. They may only a few but they mean the world to me. It's like "Hey... Someone actually is interested in what I have to say". I know I only write now and again and there are spelling mistakes and I go off on a random tangent but it's getting to the point where Monica Said So is getting views everyday and that's something  am really proud of. I started this blog because of what is in the description - Ugly Betty finished and I was a little lost but now I write because I want to maybe make you laugh when you read something silly I have written or give you something else to talk about when you are at school or w/e. The thought of making one person laugh at me is one that makes me kinda smile.

I would quickly like to say thanks to a few girls! They are the ones that got a text saying "READ THIS!!!" when I started my blog up. They read it even if it's boring to them (*ahem* Ev*ahem*) or maybe they are really busy (*ahem* Pav and Alison *ahem*) or and they give feedback on it (*ahem* Chadni and Salma *ahem*). Thank you to my Maa who I have mentioned a lot - she's read it too. My husband who reads every post even though he never has any idea of what they are on about. My uncles who said they was proud of me for writing a blog. 

I will write more, I promise... Kind of. Like Christmas is coming up and I'm making presents and I'm a little backed up on stuff so be nice but I will post!

Keep your eyes open for a new post!



Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Rihanna: Sell out?

 What is that stupid girls problems? All she ever sings about now is "little RiRi" if you get what I mean. And wtmf is up with all the stupid gang shit. Her Dad was a warehouse supervisor and her Mum was an accountant, like yeah her dad did more drugs than GlaxoSmithKline but who's Dad in the music industry is totally clean?

I think the thing that makes it funny is the fact that the silly little girl was an army cadet... Hardly thug-life, Rihanna... or is it Robyn? And guess who was her drill sergeant? Only Shontelle - yes, that Shontelle, the one who only wore a t-shirt and had Jimmy Choo's she was fed up of wearing. It just gets stupider and stupider.

Like she was signed at 16 to Syndicated Rhythm and just 2 years later she was signed to Jay so where the fuck did the little baby get time to forge her name as a ruthless gangster? She wanted to well at school and when she was in school she was in a cutsie three-piece with class mates... again I shall say it - Hardly thug-life.

Have you heard Music of the Sun and A Girl Like Me? Could there be any albums that were any cuter? Each track is sweet, melodic and just like... like really innocent tbh. But you know what I liked every track and so did her target market - little teens. She's just a little girl having fun. Dustings of really good love songs; she was criticized for it being maybe too old for her minor vocals but tbh she pulled it off. 

Fave tracks from both albums:
- Pon de replay
- Music of the Sun
- Let me
- Rush
- Unfaithful
- Break it off
- We Ride
- A Girl Like Me
- P.S I'm still not over you
- A million miles away

Then Good Girl Gone Bad came out... This saw her begin to grow up a little but still she was the Rihanna we love. Still the tracks were fun, more dancy and really really good. I love every track on that album bar Say It, I really mean that. Every track is awesome. Umbrella was at UK number one for 10 weeks. It has sold over 4 million copies in just digital downloads as of this year. It went Platinum I think like 20 times and Gold twice. Just pure talent. Push Up On Me is reminiscent of Don't stop the Music but still a damn good track. Breakin' Dishes! OMG This doesn't get enough airplay tbh. Shut Up and Drive - awesome song, awesome video. Hate That I Love You  saw our jaws drop at the prospect of Ne-Ri or Ri-Yo. Sell Me Candy and Lemme Get That showed a little golddigger side. Rehab took our breath away and not just cuz Justin Timberlake was in it look just... Uh! Sorry had to wipe the dribble of my face. Question Existing gave us the real side of RiRi. And finally Good Girl Gone Bad  the track itself... It was a great song - good vocals, great lyrics ans awesome meaning, it was better than they typical daddy issues song... although she had that too... Who doesn't? She worked with Timberland on alot of her tracks and Ne-yo too and we all know they are in no way gangster - I mean Ne-yo released Year of the Gentleman! Props to him for that!

2 years later saw the release of R-Rated... This is where things get a little... Raunchy shall we say and the whole hard-ass shit begins to come in. I mean even the name is stupid, anyways... Mad House! OMG I listened to this song so many times before I even listened to the rest of the album - I loved it. Mad House and Wait Your Turn and were produced by Chase and Status!! So so so good. Hard and Rockstar 101 (feat. SLASH!!!) both amazing and produced by The Dream. Ne-yo comes in For Stupid In Love and Russian Roulette which I am told didn't too well in The States but the UK quite liked it. G4L... You know what I'm gunna say, right? "Gangster for life"? Where did this track come from? It's just a bit thick - I like the beat and the vocals but... RiRi is beginning to show that Thug- Life shit. Anyways... Fire Bomb and Rudeboy are just too good! Te Amo needed more airplay tbh it was such a great track putting aside it sounds like Miss. Independent by Ne-yo. The rest of the tracks are just forgettable if I'm honest. The album did no where near as good as any of it's predecessors.

Then we get Loud... This album mainly sees her work with Stargate whom she had worked with before for odd tracks on her other albums. What's My Name and Only Girl In The World were the most successful tracks on that album. This is the album where she just turns into a dominatrix. We get tracks like - S&M, Skin, Raining Men, Man Down and Love the Way You Lie (prt 2) just pure unadulterated sex. S&M video was deemed to extreme for Tv with it's reference to daddy issuses (ugh), her being a slut, BDSM, sex dolls, lady gaga look alike, Ri dressed as a giant sperm, lesbian kissing and her sucking off a banana... just down right weirdness . I kinda like Skin (that sounds wrong) it's an okay track. The best bit of Raining Men is the end. Man down... it got covered by Lil' Kim, we'll leave it at that. Fading, Complicated and California King Bed are the love songs we know Rihanna for. It did better than her last album though, I suppose.

Talk That Talk... The odd thing is tracks from that are doing well now even though when they were released like a year ago no one cared. The only tracks I know from that album are Where Have You Been, You da One and We Found Love and of those three I like two... well, one. What? We Found Love ended up getting over played and we ALL got a little fed up, you know it's true. It was called her worst album to date. This album did okay-ish, if you go by her last two albums. 

And now we finish up with Unapologetic. I haven't heard it yet but I am actually praying it will be good.

But I think I speak for a lot of Rihanna's Navy... Can we have the old RiRi back, please? You have left us behind and we just want you back.

Anyways, I apologise for this being such a rubbish blog. I was just really pissed off at Rihanna for turning into a sell-out.

What do you think?