Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My Facebook :D

Just a few things from my Facebook...

Omg my new girl crush Annalyn McCord. 
She's so stunning.

That moment when it's past six and you sit at the window to watch for your husband walking home.

When your OCD has decided that a certain patch of carpet is no longer viable and you can't walk on it so you have to jump over it.


Listening to Hindi music and being like "I'm Asian and proud" then realising all the songs you're listening to are in Hindi or dialects of India and being like T-T I'm Bengali then being like "oh wait I'm half Indian".

I'm pretty sure I have like a nationality confusion disorder.

Okay so I'm gunna go on a Harry Potter Fest next week. I wanna read all the books back to back, then watch the movies back to back and then play all the games back to back.

My name is Monica... and... and... I'm a racist.
There I said it. 

When you are at the checkout and your child wants something from the side like a chocolate bar and you have refused, then I'm sorry then if your child then proceeds to have a full on melt down on the floor that isn't the supermarket's marketing teams fault it's yours for raising a spoilt little brat of a child.Leave the sweets and chocolate along the aisle to the checkouts, you have an issue with obesity then freaking stop eating, it's your moment of weakness not theirs and its your child that wants something and doesn't listen to you when you have said no- I'd say raise your child properly.
If Maa said 'no' I never threw a hissy fit on the floor. A silent sulk, sure but never anything more.

She's not stupid, you know? She happens to be much smarter than you but she loves you and that makes her act stupid... But don't think doesn't know what you do or say. She's 5 steps ahead of your sorry ass.
She knows.

Sh*t Bengali Mums Say OMG... My Maa is a fake Bengali mum. She never said any of that to me... I have been cheated T-T

So last night the hubby would not quit fidgeting and moving the duvet and after a while it got on my nerves so I sat up, looked at my sleeping husband and said "petrificus totalus"... He froze. No more moving! Then I was like "EEEEERRMAAAAGERD!! I'm a witch?!" 
So yeah now I'm just sat here waiting for my Hogwarts letter but you know with this weather and stuff I'm sure it'll be a bit delayed or even get lost...

Me to my husband.
What would you say if I said I wanted to be a women?
I'd say "knock yourself out"
Why would I want to knock myself out? Is you a homosexual? Oh... Shit I meant to say homophobe...
Grating cheese brings out the worst in you.

The hubby currently has a bra on his head. 
I'm not sure who's bra this is or why he is in possession of it however I really wish he would allow me to take a picture of him because I seriously think that the world who benefit seeing this.

You can't donate blood unless you weigh 51kg
My response whilst on the phone to Maa
"That's like discrimination against skinny people".

My Mum decided to give a wasp a handshake... The wasp was not very pleased. 
Wasp is now dead.

Every five minutes the hubby keeps shouting "are you dizzy, blad??" and then following any response with "restecpa". 

Glitter is my favourite colour.

Just got frightened by my own shadow. 
I'm not even kidding

Me: I wonder if there is an ambigram of my name...
Hubby: Is you illuminati?!

Lol. Okay I think that is enough!

Lots of love,


I hate this fucking shit

I totally understand that exposure is everything when it comes to young minds but like what I don't get is this whole "you are a role model" shit, no one wants to be a role model - like why would you? Having the responsibility of a generation is absurd and tbh if your child is looking up to someone you don't approve of then do you think that maybe you have failed to teach your child what is right and wrong? It's not a new thing that kids are singing sexually explicit song lyrics and that women in any industry are sexualised specifically in the music industry as an artist grows they appear to mature but only sexually.

I grew up in the era of pop princesses and groups - Britney Spears, The Spice Girls, Mariah Carey; I sang lyrics like "hit me baby one more time" and "I need that uh, to get me off. Sweating till my clothes come off" we'll I did until my Maa told me not to because they were naughty and that was that but we came from the times when Barbie was still a vet, teacher, doctor and police officer - she had a little sister shelly and a long term boyfriend Ken who married her (obviously). But still we were far more stupid and primitive then - trees were still climbed and worms were still dug for. Even though these influences were around we knew they were wrong and not to be copied. We knew that Britney was slutty and that was fine for her but what would our mothers say? 

I have a 12-year-old sister who is genuinely beautiful I'm not just saying it because shes is my sister but she is. She is so pretty that it makes me jealous and want to punch her. But getting back to the point she goes to school - because she is so pretty - and gets sexually harassed by boys - they ask her out, they try to look up her skirt (she has to wear a skirt - uniform), they try to feel her up and bully her because she isn't slutty. I've had her in tears on the phone to me because of this, now here is the catch she has had the same society, era and media that the other girls in her year have had - she has a phone, she has a tv with all the sky channels and she had access to the Internet yet the girls in her year are far more advanced in that field than her. She - bless her - is much more physically developed than I was at her age and is much more than most of the girls in her year yet they are the ones in those itsy bitsy wedgie shorts and prepubescent under boob crop tops and she is the one covered up and modest. It makes no sense. She gets bullied because she isn't behind the sheds at school with some boy groping her. When I was in year six there were like two girls who were trashy, they wore thongs and snogged the bad boys of the class behind the bins and everyone knew they were trashy. Now being normal is weird. I am so proud of her because in her generation and in their day and age - the way she is, is a credit to her and good parenting. 

Stop shifting blame to other sources. You're child should look up to you and if she isn't maybe you aren't doing enough for her to. If you taught your child right from wrong she will know that being a slut is slutty. If you're letting your child go for coffee dates unsupervised and letting her phone who ever the fuck she pleases and letting her use what ever site she wants you are asking for trouble - not just for her, but for you. The day I turned thirteen my Maa sat me down and said the best sentence she could have to me. She looks at me and said "the whole teenage thing? That shit isn't going to fly with me. Don't bother even trying it". Granted I had a few hiccups but fuck it everyone does. 

The whole Miley Cyrus shit - dudes its been going on forever and we aren't fucked up. Every Disney starlet has turned into a sex symbol at some point or other. I don't understand why it's their fault that our kids are becoming something we aren't proud of. It's not. Has anyone else seen the Rewind Reframe project? It's literally all over the news. It's an initiative aimed to - actually I have no idea. I'm not gunna lie I really don't. It's just like they come on and whine about how the music industry is sexist. I am perfectly aware that I sound really ignorant but the reason it bother me is because they seem to be failing to recognise artists like Lourdes and Gabrielle Aplin and ladies of music who actually make wonderful music with a point and simply focusing on the likes of Rihanna and such. It's like okay slag them off but at least promote the others. I'm sure the website is more informative but its just like when they come on it feels like they are just over protective, weird mother. Idk you know the ones that don't use anything with the number seven on and don't use chemicals when they are breast feeding (which is nice and all) but like do it in public and not like in a really beautiful natural way but like in a really look my tits are out but it's okay because it's for my baby, aren't I a good mother, aren't I? The ones that blame everyone else for the fact that their kids are weirdos. If your child is doing something you don't like, put a fucking stop to it like a parent should. Do n't tip toe and pretend its someone else's fault. 

Ugh sorry! I'm just ranting. Omg has everyone been watching Im a celebrity?! Omg how jealous of Amy Wilberton are Rebecca Adlington and the Emmerdale lady? Like Rebecca seems to think that the whole show revokes around her own damned insecurities. It's like seriously? Amy is a wonderfully refreshing beautiful girl who hadn't said a bad word against anyone and she gets stuck in with the task, admittedly she is a bit of a sun starfish but if you ask a person to do something (a reasonable person) they will do it, if not at the very moment, they will do it later. It's like gosh! She is probably on of those people that is very pampered at home and doesn't really do much domestically but she's a polite lovely girl so I'm sure she would be more than happy than to help out. I'm getting so tired of Rebecca "Spoon Face" Adlington constantly crying. I think someone should come up with a drinking game - every time she cries, you drink - you would be smashed by the end of it. And OMG a few days ago when they were all laying into Amy because of what she does. It was like dude! She is a beauty pageant girl so what? Chill the fuck out its not like she says if you're not a size 0 (which I'm no longer - Im a size 2 now) than you are ugly. I think it is fine to appreciate beauty, they have awards for courage and even pisstake awards but its suddenly not right to for beauty because it makes others feel insecure. Hold up how is  it the other persons fault. I admit that the girls in magazines and media is totally unrealistic but the thing is we know that it is all airbrushed and corrected. You don't sue Disney for an unrealistic idealology of men or porn for an unrealistic view of sex and women. It's like everyone has to have something to make them stand out. Oh I'm a Gemini that's why I'm so two faced. I have daddy issues that's why I'm so slutty. Omg I like cleaning my makeup off before I put on another layer - it's OCD. I get so sad sometimes I must be depressed. Sometimes I get so angry I have angermanagment issues. I talk to myself I think I'm a skitzophrenic. How about stfu. 


My husband said something the other day that is so true. 

He said that being normal just isn't cool anymore, everyone is bi or has a mental health issue and its gotten to the point where we have phrases like pansexual and people that genuinely have problems and need help aren't receiving it because of wannabes and fakers. It's so true.  




Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Ugh. Fuck this.

OMG so like I'm so ill atm. Like not headaches but some serious ass migraines, auras and nausea - plus I keep having some seriously fucked up nightmares. It's like Universe is trying to tell me something is afoot. Ahhhh well. Seriously though I am so sick.

So a few weeks back my brother and sister came to stay for like a few days and they left me with a Wii game that they were having issues with, so I was like “okay let's see what is up with this”. The game they left with me was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two...

A few things I may have failed to mention...


By extension


So I've been playing it for like four hours non-stop. I can't wait to get the others :/ I'm a giant geek like that. I'll play it and Facebook about playing it for like ages. Currently I'm murdering the fuck out of some Death Eaters. Lol!

Omg it wa my brothers birthday a few weeks back! Omg it was so cute! Like balloons everywhere and I got to apes some quality time with them but sadly the hubby could come along! I was so gutted. It's strange because it was only a few days that I was a away but the two of us were basically dying! I missed him so so so  much. Is that sad? 

I haven't really got anything to blog about recently apart from food. I'm cooking Lot lately well not cooking like proper family meal cooking but like food that is easy my domestic goddess is yet to come out. Ugh. Actually that's a good point. I think I might make this blog about a meal that's like really easy... Hmmmm... Oh I know!

Mushroom, Red Pepper and Onion Cous Cous

 Literally the easiest shit you will ever make. 
I make it for me and the hubby as he has decided he wants to eat it in place of rice! I know. The Asian in him is being deprived. I actually hated the stuff but I didn't want to upset him so I said yes but now I don't mind it. It's quicker and you can eat less of it because it is so filling!

So you will need (lol just felt all art attack/ready steady cook!)
One red pepper (tbh no one cares if its red or not I actually like green better and I think it tastes better but also it looks really funky and fun...yeah... I know I need a life :/
A large white onion (again if you so please you can use a red onion too... Why are they called red? They are like a purple colour)
Maybe like ten to twelve mushrooms (wipe them DO NOT wash them. Who washes a mushroom?! Gosh. I actually peel the skin off because I don't like it unless I cba or don't have time)
A lot of Cous Cous say like for each person six handfuls (if it looks like too much it probably is but this stuff does expand like a pregnant woman)
Three table spoons of oil (only use a little you don't want the US to invade)
 A teaspoon of salt (or more if you're a person that likes salt. I try really hard to cut all fat and excess salt out of my husband diet- heart conditions run in the family, simple things like that make a small difference)
A pinch of ground black pepper

Yup. That's it. 

1) So chop up the mushrooms, pepper and onions. I usually dice the onions and peppers and then just slice up those mushrooms. Now I like my peppers crunchy, my onions and mushrooms soft so I start with the onion. 

2) To a pan add the oil and diced onion and stir so its all coated with oil. Put a lid on and sweat them for like five to six minutes. Make sure you stir regularly otherwise they might stick to the pan.

3) Stir in the mushrooms and the peppers when the onions are soft. Add the salt and pepper and mix well so everything gets a little salt :)

4) Let that cook for a bit. Again stir it regularly. If it looks like its going to stick or it does stick then add a little water and stir. I do this a lot in place of oil. Once everything is relatively cooked and soft take it off the heat and transfer it to a bowl, juice and all!

5) With the pan still off the heat add your Cous Cous to it and enough boiled water to cover it and a like a centimetre extra and cover with the lid. Wait for about 10 minutes then grab a fork (plastic seems to work better than normal) and fluff it all up. Add your cooked vegetables and stir it all together!

6) Plate up and nom!!! I love drinking elderflower pressé with it!

Next blog Ill do a bit about home made pizza. Seriously you'll never buy a pizza again!