Thursday, 12 June 2014

And now it's just o v e r...

I love books, we all know this. Books are the best, they are the movie that is never set, the dream that you can pick up anytime and the fantasy that you didn't create - they are the best thing like ever. I love reading a book and growing with the characters, experiencing all the things that happen to them I love, learning things from them, I feel like I am there with them and a part of said book, like a character that wasn't written in. It's just perfect to me when I can really lose myself in a book or better yet a series. I love finding a new series to follow and read - I get really absorbed in it. But then there comes a point where either the next book hasn't been written yet or the series finishes and I'm just like... errm... I don't know what to do with my life anymore - it's like when your favourite tv show stops and you're just like "Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" I never watch the last episode of a show - I just can't do it, it's like if I watch it then it is really over, the ending just happened I saw it but if I don't watch it then it didn't actually end. It's like saying "see ya later" instead of "goodbye" lol. Dweeby I know but that is just the way I am. 

So I picked a few book series' that I love and here they are:

1) Maximum Ride - James Patterson

Max and her flock - Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Angel, The Gasman escape from a laboratory called The School where they were created by scientists, they refer to themselves as a "flock" because... their DNA is part Avian... They are half bird, basically. Which is, you know, whatever super fucking cool lol. But yeah the books tell the story of them - how they love, grow, fight, go on the run and oh yeah... THE END OF THE FUCKING WORLD. It's fucking intense, man. But yeah so far there are like 8 books I think - I've only read a few so far but I'm planning at some point to buy all of them and have a bit of a marathon. Lol.

2) Gone - Micheal Grant
This series is sick, twisted, wrong, intense, disgusting and just harrowing. Perdido Beach is pretty much amazing until everyone over 15 disappears, no smoke, no flash of light, nothing just gone. Just not there anymore. Oh and a invisible, impenetrable force field encases Perdido beach and the surrounding areas. Chaos descends, along with talking coyotes, many other weird animal mutations, kids with insane powers like the ability to blast light from their hands, super speed, healing and one guy turns into rock but yeah the situation is batshit-fucking crazy. The kids must try and establish some sort order to the FAYZ (Fallout Alley Youth Zone) - it's not pretty. From having to dispose of the bodies of children that were left when the parents disappeared and finding food to trying to teach kids to avoid the "poof" when they will disappear at fifteen. The story mostly follows Sam, Astrid, Little Pete, Caine, Diana and Drake, but there are fuck loads of characters that come, go, die and come back - it's insane. Each book is just as crazy and heavy as the last, right up until the end, there are 6 books. I read all six over two days once and I was like O.o after. It was a lot to take in and I nearly threw up like 3 times, some of it is seriously gruesome. But yeah this is a really amazing series but do proceed with caution.

3) Alex Rider - Anthony Horowitz

So I started reading this series after I read the Cherub series and it was recommended to me and I loved it - it's a different feel but it is just as good. Although the film was shit. So yeah Alex is the nephew of now dead spy - Ian Rider and he gets recruited into MI6, not that he wants that life but he doesn't really have much choice he needs to know what happened to his uncle but it spirals into something much bigger. He gets trained and thrust into an evil boarding school, sent into space, made into a ball boy at Wimbledon and some other crazy shit. Each book is a new mission, a new side to Alex, a new chance to save the world. It's pretty fucking awesome. There are 10 so far, idk if there are any plans for more but they all are bad ass. My favourite are Scorpia and Skeleton Key.

4) Cherub - Robert Muchamore
I've only read the first series because I am really not good with change and in the second series they are following a brand new set of characters and it's just too much for me. So yeah James' mum dies and he is sent to a childrens care home where he is recruited to Cherub by Kyle and our story begins. James infiltrates a biker gang, eco-cult, sex-trafficking ring, animal rights group, he also goes into a maximum security prison to bust out a drug dealer, he (and his sister, who also get recruited) play a game of US army training exercise which is fucking weird. But yeah it's awesome - really real and true to teenage emotions where it can be, it's hard when you are implicated in the deaths of MI5 agents to complain about a knobhead on COD, you know? I really love this series, I think it is the one that definitely got mee into reading my year 6 teacher would read it to the class every day for like 20 minutes at the end of the day and I never wanted those 20 minutes to end. There are 12 books and as far as I know there are no plans for anymore with that set of characters but yeah awesome series.

5) Harry Potter - J. K Rowling
Don't judge me. I love these books because I grew up with them okay? The movies were what I waited for, it was just something I loved... love. Lol. I love the characters, the world it was all just so mesmerizing and captivating. I'll admit it wasn't fantastically written or anything - it was just such a perfect concept, that was so easy to buy into. I have all the books in hardback and first edition. But yeah I love these...

6) Glass & Study - Maria V Snyder
These are two different series, set in the same world but following two different characters. Glass follows Opal Cowan and her struggle to help the Stormdancers, her journey with her own magic and warpers; along with lovers, her relationship with the magical and non-magical world, you really see her grow and feel like a part of her family. Study follows Yelena Zaltana - the soul finder. She was kidnapped as a child and was raised in Ixia in an orphanage, she has her soul stolen, she's raped, she kills that son-of-a-bitch, she trades her death for the crime to become the food taster for the Commander of Ixia and then just gets more badass as the books go. This world is seriously amazing, the magic isn't dweeby but it is so believable, the emotions, the deaths, the intensity is just crazy. Snyder is an insane writer. There are three books in Glass and three more for Study but it also has like another three that are set for release.

7) Twilight - Stephanie Meyer
Don't judge me, bitch. That is all I have to say.

8) Uglies - Scott Westerfield
This series is about a dystopian society where beauty and identity are one and humanity doesn't exist. You turn sixteen and you get made 'pretty', you get to live in the city, you don't have any responsibilities, you basically just chill and party, sounds good? Yeah up until you find out that you get cosmetic surgery everywhere... including your brain - little lesions are made to make you a different person. Not so cool now, huh? It's a pretty cool world - set in Seattle but like three centuries from now, it's amazing. But yeah you have the Uglies, the Pretties, the Specials and the Extras, it is all very self explanatory tbh. There are four books, I've only read two so far but they are goooood. 

9) Fire City - Bali Rai
This is a series but isn't at the same time. There are plans for other books but they haven't been written yet I think. But this book is so fucking mental - like omg you cannot put it down. Think Apocalypse, think epic, think demons, think death, think war, think hunting, think catastrophe, survival and fucking crazy ass chases. This book is just so strange - you finish it and you don't know how you really feel about the world, about anything. Like if you are similar to me and you get sucked into your own imagination then you're just like "what the fuck did I just read?". So three years ago the war ended and in it's wake the terror reign of the Demons began, the world is not a horrifying, lawless, chaotic place where nothing and no one is safe but the Resistance fight because you can never give up hope. I love Bali Rai and I love this book. 

10) Medusa Project - Sophie Mckenzie

The Medusa gene is synthesized by Professor William Fox, he injects it into the umbilical cord of a few subjects with the belief that the gene will combine with hormones released at puberty resulting in the development of psychic abilities... but the mothers die from a cancer triggered by the gene however the subjects are left unharmed. Long story short - people want to use them for bad and they aren't having it. Fast paced, emotion driven and intense. There are seven book all together but yeah I love it!

I also really want to read The Princess Diaries, like when everyone was reading when I was younger I was just to much of a little tomboy to give a fuck about some girl that is a princess but it actually seems like a good series oh and Pretty Little Liars, like nearly all of my friends watch the tv series but I think I would enjoy the books more!

Whats your favourite book series?



Thursday, 5 June 2014

My Summer Books

As we all know I love a good book. I go through phases of being massively into reading and then massively into writing atm it's writing but like the end of last year it was reading - I was reading at least maybe 3 books a day, like full size books, like average 300 pages. I am a super fast reader but yeah summer has it's own set of books, the last blog I did was more for winter, with dark crime and thrillers but this one is more emotion based so here we goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo:

1) My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Picoult
Anna is 13 and her parents are expecting her to give one of her kidneys to her dying sister - Kate. After Kate was born she was diagnosed as an acute promyelocytic leukemia sufferer and her parents had Anna to act as a 'saviour sibling' - she basically gives Kate whatever she needs from her own body and has been doing since they were babies. But Anna doesn't want to give her kidney up - the procedure may not work, she stress may even kill Kate; there is just too much to take in. In the end only one sister can live.
Please, please, please read this even if you have watched the movie, the movie is way more harsh and misses/changes quite a few things but yeah this book had me in absolute tears.

2) The Thing About Jane Spring - Sharon Krum
Jane is and has everything, as far as she is concerned, that any man could want - she is organised (she was raised by her military dad), she doesn't busy herself with the wiles of women of this day and age - makeup, dieting and such are all ridiculous and a turn of for men because men like women who are self-assured and confident but Jane is stunning and intelligent so why is it men ruuuuuuuuuuuuuun a fucking marathon when it comes to relationships? So she does what most women who need a break do - she gets smashed on wine and watches a bunch of chick flicks, Doris Day flicks; here she has the realization that Doris with all of her womanly charm and girly ways A L W A Y S gets the guy - so she reinvents herself. Will she get the guy?
This is such a fun book - her genuine emotion is so well portrayed, you almost want to pour her another wine when shes snowed in! Lol, give it a read.

3) The Second Husband - Louise Candlish
Kate's husband leaves her for another woman and now that woman is pregnant and he will be cutting the financial support he pays her for their two children, with no other choice she divides the house up and takes on a lodger - Davis. He and Kate get slowly closer until the day he asks her to marry him and the it happens - a revelation that will blow the whole family apart. OMG apparently this book was predicable - I don't think it was, well maybe a little bit but it was also beautifully written and really intense, I loved every page of this book!

4) Broken Soup - Jennie Valentine
So this book is actually children's book but please don't make the mistake of thinking it is in anyway childlike, it is stunningly written, well structured and gripping. Rowan is a teen - her brother died, her father has left, her mother has gone into depression and her little sister Stroma is now her responsibility. With all this going on  she takes no notice of someone handing her a negative of her dead brother that isn't hers and in fact she has never even seen... We also meet Harper and Bee who both end up meaning a lot more that we are initially led on to believe - Bee especially.
The book really is a bit confusing and a little random at first but if you persevere you get a really good story 

5) Making Your Mind Up- Jill Mansell
Lottie is happy with her lot in life - two kids, lovely home, ex-husband who isn't an asshole. She's content, then Tyler Klein come along, her new boss. It seems like the perfect match both, fall madly in love... but Lottie's kids h a t e Mr Klein. Then we have Seb - even she can't help take a look, the kids love him, he's wonderful; he just isn't Tyler. Who will win her affection?
Gosh I cried so hard at the beginning of this book and then that kiss! Gives you shivers it does! Lol. A really great summer read, but also gives you that warm fuzzy feeling - it's not just a cheesy chick flick.

6) Can You Keep a Secret? - Sophie Kinsella
My little sister got this for me actually - she saw it and gave it to my Maa saying I would enjoy it - I did. 
Emma is on a plane, she doesn't wan to be there - she hates flying, fuck that she is terrified of flying aaaaand then turbulence hit, so naturally she blurts out every single dirty secret that she has to a total stranger... who turns up at her office and turns out to be her companies founder... Awkward turtle, much? But it's not just awkward it's life changing.
Loved this real fun chick flick - I was never a chick flick girl, more like a thriller, killer, fantasy that kinda thing but this really got me into girly books so thanks Boo (my little sister's nickname)!

7) The Self-preservation Society - Kate Harrison
Everyone has phobias, Jo has phobias... just more than any normal person, way, way, way more but that's okay because she works in safety and it is her job to worry. Then she gets hit by a twat on a bike and is left fighting for her life, when she wakes up from her coma she doesn't quite feel herself... because she isn't the old her anymore, she has to chose between fight or flight - does she fight to stay in the her old life or does she take a chance and grab life by it's metaphorical wings and fucking take a chance? Change is scary when you are scared of everything. Will she do it or will she always be Jo the Scaredy Cat?
OMG Such a good read! It has so many twists and turns and really drags you in. Great book, give it a go.

8) The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets - Eva Rice
For a book set in the 50's it really isn't stuffy far from it tbh - funny, witty and quick. Penelope just wants to find her 'One' - but she is busy trying to save her home and being in awe of the cultural revolution that is taking place post war in London. Then she meet Charlotte - who is about change everything. Glitz, glam, uplifting, just stunning. Honestly give it a go!

9) Rumour Has It - Jill Mansell
Villages and small towns are the best for gossip - everyone knows everyone and therefore everyone knows everyone dirty laundry! From overhearing gossip at the local (read: only) pub to hearing your neighbour arrive at a unholy time of the night with someone who definitely isn't their spouse... however looks a lot like the girl from the bakery! Lol. Tilly - recently single- decides to leave it all and move to Roxborough, after finding herself a job and place to live she finds the only thing to do is to chase after the bachelors of the town, but she isn't interested however it funny to watch! Enter Jack... he's a whole new game - he is the epitome of irresistible - can she resist or is she just running from the 'One'? 
Gosh, this is such a girly read, so funny and just so feminine lol. I loved it! Good, beach book :)

10) The Stag and Hen Weekend - Mike Gayle
Amsterdam for the boys, Peak district for the girls - the bride and groom are off with their respective parties and it all kicks off - you get to read both stories one after another and you are still left wondering wtf even happened! It's so good - divorce, cheating, exes, exes of exes, just everything.
Will they marry? 
Frustrating, compelling book - you just neeeeeeeeeeeeed to know what happens! But it is a really good book.

Thats my lot! I need to re-read these lol. These were usually like my filler books, like in between the miserable, dark books I always used to read I would always read a soft suishy book to break it up a bit.

What your favourite chick lit flick?